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Battle Storm is the successor to computer games and offers the greatest Laser Combat experience available. Battle Storm is totally different from other types of laser and paintball experiences; players have a taste of combat conditions by handling a wide range of replica weapons, each firing a safe electronic beam. Battle Storm allows players to physically experience combat in perfect safety, with a range of scenarios to suit all ages and abilities in both indoor and outdoor arenas. Come and experience the ultimate thrill in Laser Combat using the state of the art Battle Storm system.


Laser combat vs Paintball


Battle Storm Laser combat, Laser Skirmish or outdoor laser tag is a great alternative to Paintball. Paintball is very popular and enjoyable for many. Not all enjoy paintball, preferring Laser combat or outside laser tag. Paintball uses projectiles which are balls of paint fired between players. This makes Paintball messy and leaves players bruised. Laser combat does not involve projectiles and is therefore cleaner and leaves players unharmed. For this reason, Paintball has a minimum age of about 12 years of age. Laser combat fires a safe electronic beam and can be played at any age, however normally the minimum age limit is 8 years of age.


Paintball is expensive and the prices are variable. Paintball players pay for the paintballs as they use them and must expect to spend £50, or over, for an enjoyable day. Alternatively, laser combat costs a fixed (usually charged by the hour). Laser Combat is ideal for persons on a limited budget or kids birthday parties.


Due to cost and bruising Paintball is ideal for males between the ages of 18 to 28 years. Alternatively, laser combat is ideal for both males and females from 8 years through to adults and is popular with family groups.


Laser Combat as a great alternative to Paintball


If you a looking to play paintball in Stourbridge or Dudley, then try Battle Storm Laser combat as an alternative. If you cannot find a paintball site near to Stourbridge or Dudley look for a Battle Storm site in your area. If you are too young to play at your local Stourbridge or Dudley paintball site then try Battle Storm laser combat. If playing at the Stourbridge or Dudley paintball site is beyond your budget then try Battle Storm Laser combat. If you want some family fun in the Stourbridge or Dudley area, try Battle Storm Laser Combat. If you want a party in Stourbridge or Dudley at a fixed price (with no extras), try Battle Storm Laser Combat.

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